About MyUpperWest

MyUpperWest is dedicated to all things on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The UWS is often defined as the area between West 59th Street, West 110th Street, Central Park, and the Hudson River. For the purposes of this site, all of Central Park is included, and the northern border of the neighborhood is extended through Morningside Heights, up to West 125th Street.

Founded by husband and wife team Lauren and Torrey in June of 2009, I took over the site in April of 2011.

Born and raised in Westchester (21.4 miles north of Gray’s Papaya for those of you who think Riverdale is “the country”), I’ve lived in Manhattan since 2002. After eight years on the East Side, I made the move to the UWS in February of 2010, settling a stone’s throw from the 1 train at 79th. I’m about a five minute walk from the apartment that my grandparents and father moved to when they emigrated from Europe to the Upper West Side in 1951.

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