DELUSIONAL UPPER WEST SIDER OF THE WEEK: UWS Guy Thinks His CD Collection Is Worth $14,000

I think it’s fair to say that many people have old CD collections lying around that they’re not sure what to do with. Some still listen to them, while others have transferred the content to MP3 format. I suspect a lot of the actual discs get thrown out or donated to libraries, but one Upper [...]

I SHIT YOU NOT: Killer, Air-Breathing “Fishzilla” Found In Central Park’s Harlem Meer

New York News | NYC Breaking News It sounds like something out of a cheesy horror flick: A killer fish with the head of a snake and jagged teeth that devours everything in its path and — gasp! — breathes air and can live on land. Except… it’s real. And apparently it’s invading the waters [...]

Fancy Furniture From “Discovering Columbus” Art Installation Available For Purchase

If you were a fan of Tatzu Nishi’s interior decorating style at the Discovering Columbus art installation at Columbus Circle this past fall, you can now literally take a piece home with you. The Public Art Fund is selling off furnishings from the exhibit that drew more than 100,000 visitors to Columbus Circle during the fall.

I SHIT YOU NOT: Loaded Revolutionary War Cannon Found In Central Park

Hard to believe this actually happened, but… The NYPD bomb squad was called to Central Park on Friday to disarm a 233-year-old cannon. During a routine cleaning, Central Park Conservancy workers discovered that the Revolutionary War-era cannon was still packed with gunpowder, wadding, and a cannonball. The cannon was located in a storage shed along [...]

BEWARE OF DOG: Pair Of Cloned Canines Allegedly Terrorizing The Upper West Side

Bizarre story to start off the week… 45-year-old Upper West Sider Gary Rintel loved his dog Astro so much that when the pooch died, he did what any other grieving pet owner would do: he made a hat out of the dog’s fur. He also froze Astro’s DNA and paid $140,000 to have it inserted [...]

82-Year-Old Woman Hit By Falling Can Of Tuna Sues UWS Trader Joe’s For $350K

New York News | NYC Breaking News Multiple lawsuits filed by octogenarians on the Upper West Side these days… Posted yesterday about an 80-year-old UWS man who was kicked out of the public library for B.O. three years ago and is now suing for $5.5 million. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, 82-year-old Tatiana Strage is suing [...]

UWS Man Booted From Upper West Side Library For B.O. Three Years Ago Now Suing For $5.5 Million

Three years ago, 80-year-old Upper West Sider George Stillman was apparently asked to leave the UWS St. Agnes branch of the New York Public Library because he smelled. Now he’s suing for $5.5 million.

SUNDAY: Annual Blessing Of The Animals At UWS Cathedral Church Of St. John The Divine

Sunday marks one of the most bizarre — yet equally fantastic — annual Upper West Side traditions: The blessing of animals for St. Francis Day at the UWS Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam, at 112th). The morning service is followed by an afternoon “fair” in the courtyard featuring an incredible array [...]

“Discovering Columbus” Art Exhibit Opens At Columbus Circle; Visitors Invited To “Living Room” In The Sky

UPDATE 11/15: “Discovering Columbus” Art Installation Extended; Free Passes Now Available Through December 2nd (With new video) UPDATE 10/10: WSJ Review Of “Discovering Columbus”; Tickets Going Fast If you’ve ever wanted to get up-close-and-personal with the Christopher Columbus monument at Columbus Circle, now’s your chance. Discovering Columbus, a free and quirky art exhibition, opens today [...]

The Story Behind The Smashed Up Car Wreck Parked On Columbus Avenue Last Week

I’ve had a couple of readers ask about the car wreck pictured above — it was parked on Columbus Avenue near W. 82nd Street for a couple of days last week. The story behind it is actually pretty straightforward.