UWS Openings & Expansions: 79th Street Pharmacy, Columbus Square Whole Foods Wine Shop, The Lounge At Cafe Tallulah

Wrote back in October that a new pharmacy was slated to open at 215 W. 79th (between Broadway & Amsterdam). The space became vacant in September 2011, when previous tenant Rodos Interiors relocated to Brooklyn. The aptly named 79th Street Pharmacy finally opened for business earlier today. UPDATE 2/13: A letter from the owners of [...]

UWS Openings & Closings: McDonald’s, Soutine Bakery, The Muffins Cafe

Posted earlier this month that the McDonald’s at 2049 Broadway (at 71st) was closed for renovations. Good news if you were craving Chicken McNuggets for Thanksgiving — they reopened this morning.