UWS Openings & Closings: 79th Street Pharmacy, 3 Star Coffee Shop

Mentioned a few weeks ago that 79th Street Pharmacy had opened (215 W. 79th, between Broadway & Amsterdam). I wrote at the time of being surprised by the news, given that it’s getting harder and harder for independent pharmacies to compete with chains like Duane Reade (one of which sits less than a half a [...]

UWS Openings & Expansions: 79th Street Pharmacy, Columbus Square Whole Foods Wine Shop, The Lounge At Cafe Tallulah

Wrote back in October that a new pharmacy was slated to open at 215 W. 79th (between Broadway & Amsterdam). The space became vacant in September 2011, when previous tenant Rodos Interiors relocated to Brooklyn. The aptly named 79th Street Pharmacy finally opened for business earlier today. UPDATE 2/13: A letter from the owners of [...]

UWS Openings & Closings: Mystery Space Adjacent To 7-Eleven, Details Designer Shoe Outlet, iCrave FroYo, Rumored Pharmacy

Previously posted in June & in September about the 7-Eleven slated for the former Gourmet Garage space at 2567 Broadway (between 96th & 97th). When Gourmet Garage closed last December, the early rumor was that the space would be subdivided into two units. It looks like that’s the case, with 7-Eleven only taking the northern [...]

Upper West Side Openings & Closings

It took about three months, but it looks like a new tenant has been found for the former Amsterdam Video sex shop that closed in June. MUW reader Stephanie sent in this photo showing an eyebrow threading salon is moving in. No word yet if they’ll also carry assless chaps and blowup dolls.