Upper West Side Openings & Relocations: Jalapeno, Emerald Inn, Tasti D-Lite (Minus The Promised Planet Smoothie…)

Wrote back in February about a reliable source telling me that Upper West Side Mexican restaurant Jalapeno is slated to move into the former Lansky’s Old World Deli space at 235 Columbus (Lanksy’s unexpectedly closed near the end of February). The move is now confirmed, as Jalapeno recently applied to Community Board 7 for a [...]

Upper West Side Openings, Closings & Relocations: Jalapeno, Lansky’s, Aldo, Coach

Posted on Tuesday that Lansky’s Old World Deli had closed after six years on the Upper West Side at 235 Columbus (between 70th & 71st). Early rumors about the future of the space indicate that UWS Mexican restaurant Jalapeno will relocate there from its current home two blocks south at 185 Columbus (between 68th & [...]

Upper West Side Openings & Closings: P.D. O’Hurley’s, Lansky’s Deli, Emerald Inn, Kate Spade, Banana Republic

Posted back in December that the failed Purple Fig experiment was officially over at 250 W. 72nd and the space was reverting back to its previous incarnation as P.D. O’Hurley’s. That experiment didn’t last nearly as long as The Purple Fig. The “new” P.D. O’Hurley’s closed last week, and earlier today city marshals posted a [...]

Upper West Side Closings: Lansky’s Old World Deli

Lansky’s Old World Deli (235 Columbus, between 70th & 71st) has gone out of business. The sign above is posted on the door of the now vacant space. Regular readers may recall that Lanksy’s was the site of a robbery and some major vandalism last fall. Anti-Semitic slurs were written on the restaurant’s walls and [...]

UWS Crime: Lansky’s Deli Robbed & COMPLETELY Trashed; Anti-Semitic Slurs Written On Walls & $100K+ In Damages

Several readers wrote in over the past two days to report they had noticed police activity at Lansky’s Deli (235 Columbus, btw. 70/71) and that a sign on the restaurant noted it was closed due to “acts of vandalism.” I’ve been slammed with non-MyUpperWest stuff this week and hadn’t had a chance to investigate, but [...]

UWS Restauranteur Files Bankruptcy Protection For Bombolino & Jalapeno; Also Owns Lansky’s

Hard not to see this coming… Upper West Side restauranteur David Ruggerio, whose restaurant Sushi A-Go-Go was seized by the state last month for non-payment of taxes, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for two of his other neighborhood restaurants: Bomboloni and Jalapeno. Of note, Ruggerio is also the owner of Lansky’s Old World [...]