Celebrity Real Estate News: Madonna’s UWS Duplex Get $3.5 Million Price Cut — Now Only $19,995,000

Wrote back in November that Madonna had listed her Upper West Side duplex at The Harperly, an exclusive co-op located at 41 Central Park West (at 64th) for $23.5 million. Bargain hunters will be happy to learn that the price was recently slashed by $3.5 million, to $19,995,000 (as reported by The Real Deal). You [...]

Celebrity Real Estate News: Madonna Lists Upper West Side Duplex For $23.5 Million

Catching up on some news from last week that happened while I was out of town for Thanksgiving… Madonna ditched the UWS for the UES in 2009, but kept her apartment at The Harperly, an exclusive co-op located at 41 Central Park West (at 64th). The Material Girl is now officially cutting ties with the [...]

Unattainable Apartment of the Week

The buyer of this week’s unattainable apartment will be neighbors with Madonna (until she finishes work on her UES townhouse) when they move into Harperley Hall (41 Central Park West, at 64th).  For the first time since Harperley Hall’s completion in 1910, the entire 11th floor on Central Park West is being offered for sale. [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, and Fam Moving to the UWS?

The Observer reports that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have found a new home for their family, and it’s right here in our ‘hood.  After an apartment-hunting adventure that included a $24 million townhouse in their current neighborhood (the West Village), a $19.9 million home at 54 Bond Street, a $29.8 million penthouse duplex [...]