UWS Real Estate Porn: $35 Million Duplex Penthouse At 55 CPW (a.k.a The Ghostbusters Building)

If you’re prone to envy or jealousy, you should just stop reading right now. The penthouse at 55 Central Park West (between 65th/66th) recently hit the market for $35 million, and it’s a doozie. The 4 BR 4.5 BA apartment features 5,000 sq of interior space and another 2,000 sq of terrace space (including 300 [...]

Donna Karan’s Business Associate Sues for Incidents at Her UWS Apartment

Fashion designer Donna Karan is being sued by a business associate, according to the New York Post.  Jamie Naughright claims that “healing” sessions with a physical therapist at Karan’s apartment at 55 Central Park West (between 65th and 66th) caused “a herniation of at least one cervical disc” and “the bilateral fracture of her mandibular [...]

Upper West Side Building’s Super-Conductive Properties Attract Spiritual Turbulence

55 Central Park West (between 65th and 66th) is a hotbed of spiritual turbulence, according to several leading experts.  The building was designed by an architect and doctor named Ivo Shandor, who was known to be insane, and later discovered to be a leader of an evil-worshiping group.  The group, formed in 1920, performed rituals [...]