UWS Openings & Closings: Grill 212, Machiavelli, Zen Palate, Corvo Bianco

Posted all the way back in February that a kosher/Middle-Eastern restaurant called Grill 212 was opening at 212 W. 80th (between Broadway & Amsterdam). It took a little longer than expected, but they finally opened for business last Thursday.

UWS Openings & Closings: Hot & Crusty, Wok City, Betsey Johnson, Corvo Bianco

The Hot & Crusty at 2720 Broadway (104th/105th) seems to have closed suddenly. This doesn’t appear to be a health department closing, as there’s no DOH signage and the “Business is closed” sign is different than the usual “closed for renovations” signage typical in DOH closings.