SATURDAY & SUNDAY: NYC MulchFest 2014 — Tree Recycling & Free Mulch

Nothing says “early January” like a bunch of dead Christmas tree piled up on the sidewalk (or a temporary increase in people at the gym, swearing this year is going to be different). If you’re still clinging to your tree and trying to figure out what to do with it, take note that MulchFest 2014 [...]

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: NYC MulchFest 2013 — Recycle Your Christmas Tree

‘Tis definitely no longer the season, as the pile of discarded Christmas trees outside my building earlier this week clearly shows. If you’re still clinging to your Christmas tree and trying to figure out what to do with it, take note that MulchFest 2013 — NYC’s annual Christmas tree recycling program — runs though this [...]

TreeCycle: Drop Off Your Christmas Tree At One Of Six UWS Locations & Help The Environment

Judging by what I can see on the sidewalks, many people have already disposed of their Christmas trees. That said, I know more than a few of you still have yours. If you’re looking for an environmentally sound way to get rid of you tree, take note of the TreeCycle program from The Riverside Park [...]

Christmas Tree Recycling On Hold While Trash Pickup Picks Up

After 20-plus inches of snow were dumped on New York City early last week, the city has been scrambling to clean up, with many criticizing its poor response.  One department currently facing a firing squad of citizen complaints is the Department of Sanitation, who is under fire for the poor snow removal (and in turn, [...]

Christmas Tree Dropoff Underway for MulchFest 2011

Mulchfest 2011, the weekend-long event that gives New York City a way to turn their Christmas trees into mulch for the parks, will take place on January 8th and 9th, 2011, and tree dropoff is kicking off this week.  Bring your old Christmas tree (after removing lights and ornaments) to one of the 70 dropoff [...]