26-Year-Old Woman Killed On Upper West Side While Crossing 96th Street

Sad news this morning, as a 26-year-old woman was struck and killed earlier today while crossing West 96th Street near Broadway.

Woman Falls To Her Death From UWS Building; Possible Suicide

UPDATE 3:00 pm: DNAinfo, which initially reported that a man had died, updated their story to say it was a woman. The Post is calling it a suicide, reporting that a 34-year-old female jumped from the 16th floor. DNAinfo is reporting a man woman fell to his her death early this morning on the Upper [...]

Pair Of Weekend “Person vs. Car” Crashes On UWS Leave One Injured & One Dead; Police Searching For Hit & Run Driver

A pair of “person vs. car” traffic accidents on the UWS over the weekend left a pizza delivery man seriously injured and a 75-year-old pedestrian dead. The fatality is being treated as a hit-and-run and police are searching for a suspect.

UWS SRO Stabbing Update: Man Charged In Case Is Army Vet With History Of Mental Health Problems

Posted yesterday that a man was found stabbed to death inside a hotel near Broadway & West 93rd on Friday afternoon. That news reminded me that DNAinfo recently ran a brief profile on Bernardo Paulino, the man accused of second-degree murder at the Camden Resident Hotel (205 W. 95th) on 7/20.

Man Found Stabbed To Death Near Broadway & 93rd; Second UWS Stabbing In Past Week

A man was found stabbed to death inside a hotel near Broadway & West 93rd on Friday afternoon. This comes exactly one week after a stabbing death at an SRO/transitional living facility on West 95th.

UPDATE: 56-Year-Old Man Stabbed On UWS; Critically Injured

UPDATE 7/23: UWS Stabbing Update: Victim Confirmed Dead, Attacker Charged With Second-Degree Murder The DNAinfo post cited below originally listed the victim in “critical condition.” The article was changed later in the day after this MUW post went up to indicate the victim had died. I’m keeping this post “as is” — for the latest [...]

BREAKING: Report Of Stabbing Death On West 95th

UPDATE: Tweets from @NYScanner and @NYCityAlerts confirm stabbing. Police apparently have the suspect in custody. There’s reference to “a crime scene being established,” but no confirmation on the victim’s condition. UPDATE: 206 W. 95th appears to be the “Camden Resident Hotel” — multiple sources list it as an SRO. Per a comment on Yelp, it [...]

Dead Body Found In Riverside Park South

The body of an unidentified male thought to be in his 30s was discovered early yesterday morning in Riverside Park South.

63-Year-Old Man Struck & Killed By 2 Train At 72nd Street; 4th Person Hit By UWS Train In Three Weeks

I’ve been traveling since last week and am catching up on news, so you may have heard about this already. A 63-year-old man was struck and killed by a downtown 2 train at the 72nd Street subway station early Sunday morning.

UPDATE: UWS Subway Death Initially Reported As A Suicide Is Officially Recorded As An Accident

Posted yesterday that one of the two people hit by a subway on the Upper West Side on Wednesday was ruled as a suicide. That has now been reclassified as “an accident.”