Thoughts On The NEW Manhattan Diner

As previously mentioned, Manhattan Diner on Broadway & 77th is no more. However, the same owners are behind the Manhattan Diner on Broadway, between 94th & 95th. This used to be Key West Diner (same owners), before going through a refurb during the winter, coming out of it with a new name and new look. [...]

20 Story Condo (And Maybe A CVS) Slated For Empty Stretch Of Broadway Between 77th & 78th

UPDATE 7/3/12: Details Emerge On $135 Million Residential Construction Project At Broadway & 77th/78th (it’s a luxury rental, not a condo) In last week’s post about the closing of Manhattan Diner I mentioned a forthcoming post about what’s planned for the now almost desolate stretch of Broadway between 77th & 78th. Last month (sorry, this [...]

Upper West Side Openings & Closings

Manhattan Diner, one of the few remaining businesses on Broadway, between 78th & 77th, finally closed its doors last night after 11 years in business. Yesterday’s New York Times had a nice (short) piece on the place. You can’t see it in the picture above, but the “Thank You” sign in the window invites patrons [...]

Upper West Side Openings

Above, one Manhattan Diner is in the swing of things just as another Manhattan Diner is forced out… The Manhattan Diner, which used to be the diner that seemed to be an homage to Miami Vice, Key West Diner, has been open for business for a few weeks now, welcoming new customers with bright colors [...]

Popular UWS Diner Joins Block of Businesses Forced Out

Manhattan Diner, the 24-hour neighborhood eatery on Broadway and 77th, joins several other businesses on the block forced to close in the coming months for an unknown new development.  DNAinfo, who first reported on the massive closures, reports that the diner’s co-owner, Sam Anastasiou, plans to shut the restaurant down in two to six months [...]

Upper West Side Openings

My Upper West tipster Daren reports that the former Key West Diner, the eatery on Broadway and 95th that closed in October for a redesign, is opening soon.  The diner, which used to feel like a taste of Miami in the 1980′s, complete with hot pink, aqua, and neon, was updated with a sleeker design, [...]