UWS Openings & Closings: Monaco, Whiskey & Beer Bar From Tangled Vine Owners, Oren’s Daily Roast

Wrote back in April that Italian/Mediterranean restaurant Monaco had suddenly closed for “renovations” (421 Amsterdam, at 80th). After a few weeks it felt likely that the “temporary” closing was permanent, and now it’s official. As you can see in the photo above, the awning and signage have been removed. Bad news if you were a [...]

Upper West Side Openings & Closings: The Ellington, Monaco

Still trying to get back to a normal posting schedule and have a huge backlog of opening/closing news. A new restaurant called The Ellington recently opened at 936 Amsterdam (corner of 106th). While the space has a jazz theme and pays homage to the great Duke Ellington — West 106th Street is also known as [...]