Linsanity: UWS Woman Bids $42,388 For Husband To Meet Jeremy Lin & Get Game Worn Jersey

Linsanity has reached a new level… The wife of “high-powered” Upper West Side lawyer Mitchell Schecter recently bid $42,388 so Mr. Schecter can meet Lin and have his game-worn jersey from Lin’s 38 point thrashing of the Lakers on February 10.

Carmelo Anthony Scouts Out UWS Digs

Now that Carmelo Anthony is officially part of the New York Knicks, he and his family can begin to settle into New York City.  To follow the lead of celebs like A-Rod, who reportedly checked out one of the swanky apartments in the new Aldyn building (Riverside and 63rd), ‘Melo is reportedly including the Upper [...]

Shake Shack Welcomes ‘Melo with a ‘Mallow’ Shake

DNAinfo reports that Shake Shack is welcoming basketball star Carmelo Anthony with a milkshake.  For a limited time, the restaurant, with a location on Columbus and 77th, will include a $5.75 “Car-Mallow Shake,” a combination of sweet vanilla custard, caramel sauce, marshmallow, and malt.  The creation was inspired by Anthony, who left the Denver Nuggets [...]

Knicks Star Forward Finds UWS Pad

Amar’e Stoudemire, the basketball forward who signed on with the New York Knicks this summer after eight years with the Phoenix Suns, may be an Upper West Sider, according to the New York Post.  Page Six watched Stoudemire get “bombarded by a pushy broker” at the Oak Room last week about a Harlem loft.  Stoudemire [...]