UWS Openings & Closings: Mystery Space Adjacent To 7-Eleven, Details Designer Shoe Outlet, iCrave FroYo, Rumored Pharmacy

Previously posted in June & in September about the 7-Eleven slated for the former Gourmet Garage space at 2567 Broadway (between 96th & 97th). When Gourmet Garage closed last December, the early rumor was that the space would be subdivided into two units. It looks like that’s the case, with 7-Eleven only taking the northern [...]

Community Board 7 Voting On Ill Conceived UWS Rezoning Proposal Tonight; Should Vote “No”

Update 5:58 pm: If you happen to care, I just added another 600+ words of thought on this subject in the comments section at the bottom of the page. I’ve previously posted on a city proposal that would significantly alter Upper West Side commercial zoning laws (here and here). It’s admittedly not the sexiest topic, [...]

Informative NYT Article On Zoning Proposal That Could “Reshape” UWS Commerce

Two weeks ago I posted about a public hearing on a city proposal to significantly alter Upper West Side commercial zoning laws. The goal is to curb the proliferation of banks and chain-stores while protecting smaller businesses and mom-&-pop stores. Today, the New York Times delved into the subject — it’s an informative piece and [...]

Photo of the Day: Duane Reade Beer Counter

The Upper West Side’s newest Duane Reade is sure getting a lot of attention this week… after the massive store on the second floor of The Corner (Broadway at 72nd) opened a few days ago, it first got some flack for the bright video billboard illuminating the outside corner of the building.  Now, attention is [...]

Shoplifting Mom/Tween Combo Caught

The mother and son who were caught on tape earlier this year in the midst of an Upper West Side theft and shoplifting spree were caught, according to The New York Post.  Carolyn Taylor, 35, and her 11-year-old son Enrique Tate, both of East 180th Street in East Tremont, were chased down by cops on [...]

Local Pol Angered Over Sign on Newest UWS Duane Reade

One politician is joining some community members in disapproval over one new addition to The Corner.  Along with the opening of the gigantic second-floor Duane Reade in the new building at 72nd and Broadway came a huge bright sign.  The video billboard, installed last week, displays advertisements such as beer sold in “growler” form and [...]

Family Caught on Tape Going on UWS Shoplifting Spree

The New York Post obtained an unbelievable video of a family in the midst of an Upper West Side shoplifting spree in January, including a boy as young as 11 following an unidentified woman’s instructions.  The woman entered the Always Love pharmacy near 72nd and Broadway on January 15th when the video was taken, and [...]

UWS Openings & Closings: Century 21, Duane Reade, Nucci

It’s looking more and more inevitable… within months, Century 21 will be filling our streets with tourists and frantic shoppers gone giddy for discounts.  Racked reports that construction on the space, which used to hold the Lincoln Triangle Barnes & Noble (Broadway and 66th) that closed at the end of 2010, has begun.  They snapped [...]

The Corner Announces Another Retail Opening

With bustling Trader Joe’s and Bank of America locations at the new building at Broadway and 72nd Street, it’s easy to forget that just a few months ago, the building was still under construction, scaffolding dominated the corner, and we weren’t even sure that Trader Joe’s was actually planning to arrive.  Now, another store is [...]