Upper West Side Openings & Closings: Spices & Tease, Century 21, Uniqlo

Looks like Spices & Tease, first scheduled to launch by June, is getting ready to finally open their doors. MUW readers Jim (photo above) and Sam & Alissa (photo at bottom of post) wrote in to say the finishing touches are being put on the store, with Sam noting that the spices are already in [...]

Upper West Side Opening: Uniqlo Pop-Up Store

@chippygee tweeted last night night that at least one of the two new UNIQLO pop-up stores mentioned earlier in the week is supposed to be open as of 10:00 am today.

Upper West Side Openings: UNIQLO, Athleta

Those two empty storefronts pictured above (Broadway, btw. 87/88, left & Broadway, btw. 61/62, right) won’t be vacant much longer. UPDATE 8/13: The store between 61st & 62nd appears to be open now – no confirmation on the other one yet. Shophound (link via Racked) reports that UNIQLO, the Japanese-based clothing chain, is opening two [...]