Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven Today; Three Upper West Side Locations

It’s 7/11 today, which can mean only one thing… The annual Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven.

UWS Openings & “Not Closings”: The Purple Fig, 7-Eleven, Variazioni

I’ve spent the past three days speculating that The Purple Fig had closed for good (here, here & here). It turned out to be as unproductive as speculation usually is… Looks like Purple Fig will indeed be reopening.

Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven Today; Two UWS Locations

It’s 7/11 today, which can mean only one thing… The annual “Free Slurpee Day” at 7-Eleven.

UWS Openings & Closings: 7-Eleven, The Neighborhood, Magpie

It’s been just about six months since the Gourmet Garage at 2567 Broadway (between 96th & 97th) closed. Now it looks like something less “gourmet” and more “garage” is moving into the space — 7-Eleven will be opening their third UWS location there.

Reminder: Free Slurpees Today

Quick reminder if you missed the post yesterday: 7-Eleven is giving out free Slurpees today from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (or while supplies last). The Upper West Side has two locations: 676 Amsterdam (at 93rd) and 600 Columbus (at 89th). I believe most locations are NYC and the rest of the country are participating [...]

Free Slurpees From UWS 7-Elevens Tomorrow

If you like free stuff and you like Slurpees, you’re in luck. Tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/23) is “SlurpFree” day at 7-Eleven. Participating locations, including the two on the UWS, are handing out free Slurpees throughout the day.

Upper West Side Openings & Closings: 7-11, Subway

Slurpee and Slim Jim fans are getting an early Christmas present this year — a second 7-11 is opening on the Upper West Side. When I was in high school we used to refer to the local 7-11 as “Sevies” (or maybe it was “Sevy’s”). Was that just a Westchester thing?

Now Open: Upper West Side 7-Eleven, Complete with Slurpee Drinking Area

The first 7-Eleven on the Upper West Side has opened, and the brightly lit store is ready to go, Slurpees and all.  The photo to the left came to Racked via a tipster, with the insightful observation that a bottom-lit awning over a brick wall makes for a prime loitering area.  Jay and Silent Bob, [...]