“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: $15.9 Million Duplex With Private Pool At 60 Riverside Boulevard

Looking for a building with a pool on the Upper West Side? There are quite a few condos that fit the bill. Looking for an apartment with its own private pool? You’ve got fewer options, but you might be interested in the $15.9 million duplex at The Aldyn that recently hit the market. It comes [...]

UWS CELEBRITY REAL ESTATE: Alex Rodriguez Moves Back To Riverside Boulevard

Posted back in February that Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was reportedly eyeing a $19,000/month 2BR apartment at 15 Central Park West. Looks like he ended up back on Riverside Boulevard instead.

Carmelo Anthony & His Entourage Move To Upper West Side

Following up on an earlier post that Carmelo Anthony was looking for a place in the neighborhood, the Knicks star has rented not one… not two… not three… but FOUR Upper West Side luxury apartments for himself, relatives, and assistants. Actually, according to the source, it’s “at least four.” The Daily News reports that Melo’s [...]

Carmelo Anthony Scouts Out UWS Digs

Now that Carmelo Anthony is officially part of the New York Knicks, he and his family can begin to settle into New York City.  To follow the lead of celebs like A-Rod, who reportedly checked out one of the swanky apartments in the new Aldyn building (Riverside and 63rd), ‘Melo is reportedly including the Upper [...]

Unattainable Apartment of the Week

This week’s unattainable apartment is in the brand new, buzzed-about Aldyn (60 Riverside Boulevard, at 63rd).  The building, a mixture of condos and rentals that Extell Development Company is just finishing up, has generated widespread attention in recent months, from the design-meets-fashion exhibit that brought famous fashion gurus from all corners to the buzz that [...]

Extell’s Newest Amenity Space Days from Opening

Two Extell Development residential buildings on the Upper West Side are close to completion, and word on the street is that their shared amenity space is gearing up to open.  The Ashley, a rent-stabilized rental building, and The Aldyn, a building with both sales and rentals, are slated to get their fitness center/spa on Monday, [...]

UWS Celebrity Real Estate News

A-Rod, who has been tirelessly seeking an apartment as he rents in the high-end 15 Central Park West, took a look at another Upper West Side apartment, according to The New York Post (via Curbed NY). The Yankees star allegedly checked out a 5,600 square foot home in the yet-to-be-opened-to-the-public Aldyn (63rd and Riverside).  The [...]

High Fashion is Coming to the Upper West Side’s Aldyn

Fashion Week at Lincoln Center won’t be the only fashion-related Upper West Side event.  Renowned fashion designers translate their fashion sensibility into local interior design, and all will be welcome to experience it firsthand.  The connection between fashion and interior design will be on show at The Aldyn (Riverside Boulevard at 63rd), a residential building [...]