“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: Renovated & Expanded Townhouse On West 71st For $15.9 Million

Wrote a few posts last spring about the renovations and rooftop addition to the townhouse at 226 W. 71st (between Broadway & West End). The building was purchased for about $5 million in April 2011 and I had assumed the owner planned to move in when the work was completed, but that’s not the case. [...]

“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: $15.9 Million Duplex With Private Pool At 60 Riverside Boulevard

Looking for a building with a pool on the Upper West Side? There are quite a few condos that fit the bill. Looking for an apartment with its own private pool? You’ve got fewer options, but you might be interested in the $15.9 million duplex at The Aldyn that recently hit the market. It comes [...]

“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: 122 Year-Old Townhouse On West 87th For $17.5 Million

WARNING: If you’re single and feeling lonely on this Valentine’s Day, you may just fall in love with this 19th century townhouse at 38 W. 87th (between Columbus & Central Park West). The 6 BR, 6 BA (plus 3 more half-BA) single-family home stretching over nearly 9,000 square feet recently hit the market for $17.5 [...]

Inventor Of iPod Accessory Industry Lists Funky UWS Duplex Penthouse For $12.5 Million

Jeff Grady pretty much invented the iPod accessory industry back in 2001. He sold his company, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, for $100 million in 2007. Now he’s selling his tricked-out Upper West Side duplex at Ariel East for $12.5 million (2628 Broadway, between 99th/100th). The 4 BR, 3.5 BA penthouse includes 4,000 square feet spread out [...]

“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: $29 Million Duplex Penthouse With Amazing Terrace At 150 Columbus

Haven’t featured an over-the-top Upper West Side apartment in a while, but if you’re looking for some neighborhood real estate porn, this should suffice. Penthouse 3B at 150 Columbus (between 66th & 67th) recently hit the market for $29 million. In addition to 5,500 square feet of interior space, the apartment features a pretty sweet, [...]

“Unattainable” UWS Apartment: $75 Million Triplex With 15 Bathrooms At 240 Riverside Boulevard

It’s been just over a year since the penthouse at 15 Central Park West hit the market for $88 million (it was snapped up a month later by the 22-year-old daughter of a Russian billionaire). If you’re still kicking yourself for missing out on the opportunity to own that trophy apartment, here’s another Upper West [...]

UWS Real Estate Porn: $35 Million Duplex Penthouse At 55 CPW (a.k.a The Ghostbusters Building)

If you’re prone to envy or jealousy, you should just stop reading right now. The penthouse at 55 Central Park West (between 65th/66th) recently hit the market for $35 million, and it’s a doozie. The 4 BR 4.5 BA apartment features 5,000 sq of interior space and another 2,000 sq of terrace space (including 300 [...]

UWS Townhouse Bought For $12.5 Million In 2011 Is Back On The Market For $20 Million In 2012

Homeowners are often warned that renovating their house or apartment doesn’t always equate to a significant increase in sales price. That doesn’t appear to be the case with the brownstone at 41 W. 74th (between Columbus & CPW). Purchased by a “South American industrialist” for $12.5 million in March 2011, the property has been converted [...]

UWS “Unattainable” Apartment: Goldman Sachs Vice-Chair Lists Duplex Penthouse For $26.5 Million

Some pretty fancy digs hit the Upper West Side real estate market last night: Goldman Sachs executive J. Michael Evans has listed his 5,000 sf, 5 BR/5.5 BA duplex penthouse at The Park Laurel (15 W. 63rd) for a cool $26.5 million. (NOTE: You could buy three of these and have $8.5 million leftover, or [...]

Obama vs. Romney = UWS vs. UES?

The UWS and UES have long had political stigmas attached to them. If recent fundraising figured from the campaigns of President Obama and likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney are any indication, those stigmas still hold true — the UWS is blue and the UES is red.