DOT Finally Starts Improvements On Upper West Side “Bowtie Of Death”

It looks like Department of Transportation crews are finally getting to work on the “bowtie of death” intersection at Broadway & 71st. With more than 60 accidents in the past two years, Transportation Alternatives has named it “the most dangerous intersection on the Upper West Side.”

Man Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack At West End & 71st Earlier This Morning

Sad and scary way to start off the week, but frequent MUW contributor Noah snapped a shot of this macabre scene at West End and 71st earlier this morning. UPDATE 11:33 am: Bystander reports “he was on his way to work then dropped dead of a heart attack.”

Homeless Man Found Squatting In Ann Curry’s Vacant Upper West Side Townhouse

UPDATE: The townhouse is located at 336 W. 71st (between West End & Riverside Boulevard) Apparently Ann Curry bought a brownstone on the Upper West Side in 2003 that she’s never moved into. She started renovating it after the purchase, but due to lawsuits from neighbors, most construction stopped in 2006. While the Today Show [...]