UWS Openings & Closings: Grill 212, Machiavelli, Zen Palate, Corvo Bianco

Posted all the way back in February that a kosher/Middle-Eastern restaurant called Grill 212 was opening at 212 W. 80th (between Broadway & Amsterdam). It took a little longer than expected, but they finally opened for business last Thursday.

Some Upper West Side Al Fresco Dining Options

With the weather starting to heat up, the Columbia Spectator has a brief rundown on four Upper West Side restaurants with outdoor seating. Obviously this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of UWS options, but you’ve got to start somewhere. The four places they review are: Havana Central (2911 Broadway, between 113th & 114th) [...]

Upper West Side Openings and Closings

It’s a packed news week for openings and closings on the Upper West Side.  The City Grill, located on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd for the past 15 years, closed on Monday.  The space is remembered by longtime Upper West Siders when it used to be Ruppert’s and one of the O’Neal brothers’ restaurants.  Grub [...]

Upper West Side Openings and Closings

Zen Palate, the vegetarian restaurant with a location on Ninth Avenue at 46th, is opening an UWS location on 105th near Broadway.  The restaurant previously had a location at 77th and Broadway which closed in the summer of 2007. Also opening is a third location of frozen yogurt joint Berrywild.  Eater New York reports that [...]