UPDATE: 56-Year-Old Man Stabbed On UWS; Critically Injured

Friday, July 20th, 2012

UPDATE 7/23: UWS Stabbing Update: Victim Confirmed Dead, Attacker Charged With Second-Degree Murder

The DNAinfo post cited below originally listed the victim in “critical condition.” The article was changed later in the day after this MUW post went up to indicate the victim had died. I’m keeping this post “as is” — for the latest information, click the link above.

Details are starting to come out regarding the stabbing at 206 W. 95th Street earlier this afternoon.

DNAinfo has a write-up. An initial report from a reader that the victim may have died appears to be inaccurate. Current reports list him in critical condition.

The victim was stabbed multiple times in the chest of the third-floor of The Camden at 206 W. 95th St. about 12:30 p.m.

The alleged attacker is described as “emotionally disturbed” with “a history of mental illness.”

He appears to be a resident of the building and is in police custody.

While multiple websites list the building as an SRO hotel (possibly used for “emergency transitional housing”) and one reader called it a “halfway house,” DNA describes it as an “HIV facility,” which is rather ambiguous.

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