$5 Off At Shake Shack Until Friday

Monday, May 9th, 2011


DailyGobble.com is offering $2 $5 off at Shake Shack until 11 pm tonight Friday. I THINK this is only good at the Upper West Side location.

UPDATE: Just got a Tweet from DailyGobble. They said the deal is also good at at Madison Square Park and Theater District locations, and it can be used until Friday (1 per customer). Their site seems to be acting wonky at the moment and the link above is directing to the wrong page. However, that IS the correct link. Probably just temporary server issues on their side. Try again later if it’s not working for you.

SECOND UPDATE: It now appears as though the deal has been upped to $5 off, with a new link. Also, if you’re not familiar with them (I’d never heard of them until today), DailyGobble offers a slightly different twist on the standard discount model. Rather than prepaying for a discount or buying a coupon, you pay as you normally would and then photograph your receipt and send it to them. They have iPhone & Android apps that allow you to do this, or you can do it via their website. There’s a 1 minute “about” video on their site that’s worth checking out. It’s actually kind of a cool business model. Anyway, to reiterate, $5 off at Shake Shack until Friday (one per customer).

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