Big Makeover For UWS Barneys Co-Op: Menswear Getting Eliminated, Store Being Rebranded As Barneys New York With More Designer Options

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Photo: Yelp

Looks like big changes are coming to the Upper West Side Barneys Co-Op at 2151 Broadway (between 75th & 76th).

It’s losing the “Co-Op” designation and will become “regular” Barneys.

Aside from renovations, the biggest change is that the store will no longer carry any men’s items.

Racked has the details (via Womens’ Wear Daily). From Racked:

The store will be rebranded as Barneys New York, where it will introduce women’s designer clothing, handbags, and jewelry. Men’s will be completely eliminated from the store, and the entire interior will be “renovated along the lines of the clean aesthetic of the renovated Barneys Madison Avenue flagship.”

Earlier today, Racked posted a follow-up article titled UWS Guys: Where Will You Shop for Menswear Without Barneys?, in which they refer to the Upper West Side as follows:

“A menswear wasteland; it’s a neighborhood devoid of haberdashery, with few replacements for Barney’s mid-range contemporary brands.”

Since I buy most of my clothing at Banana Republic and am both uninterested and lacking in knowledge about all things related to fashion, I have no idea if this is actually true.

If you’re sartorially inclined, feel free to post your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

H/t to MUW reader Lauren.

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  • Sonny D

    “mid-range”? based on what scale? $150 shorts are not mid-range!

  • Laureen82

    agree that the UWS does not have a lot of menswear options..the UES has a much better selection for men, but Barneys is certainly not ‘mid-range’ for most people.