BREAKING: Report Of Stabbing Death On West 95th

Friday, July 20th, 2012

UPDATE: Tweets from @NYScanner and @NYCityAlerts confirm stabbing. Police apparently have the suspect in custody. There’s reference to “a crime scene being established,” but no confirmation on the victim’s condition.

UPDATE: 206 W. 95th appears to be the “Camden Resident Hotel” — multiple sources list it as an SRO. Per a comment on Yelp, it appears to be used for “emergency transitional housing”:

Camden Residence Hotel is an SRO (Single Room Occupancy) hotel, which is located in the Upper West Side (95th street between Broadway & Amsterdam)The Facility operates as emergency transitional housing and thus does not offer leases for the rooms.Each room is a one bedroom unit with one person limit.Linen and basic toiletries will be distributed weekly.Camden Hotel provides security 24 hours a day and have a front desk clerk that is on duty 24 hours a day as well.This property is protected by video surveillance.No visitors are allowed. Units have shared kitchens and bathrooms.

UPDATE: For whatever it’s worth, MUW reader @areacode212 sent in this tweet:

“I lived right across from that building for 18 yrs. It was known for being bad news back in the 80s. Guess it hasn’t changed.”

UPDATE: Just saw an e-mail from MUW reader Courtney, who lives on the same block. She noted the incident occurred around 1:00 pm, and referred to the building as a “halfway house.”

“Always a strange cast of characters hanging around there.”

UPDATE 3:40 pm: Started a new post — 56-Year-Old Man Stabbed On UWS; Critically Injured

UPDATE 7/23: Victim Confirmed Dead, Attacker Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Just got an unconfirmed report from a reader about a stabbing death at 206 W. 95th (btw. Amsterdam/Broadway) earlier today.

The reader, who asked to remain anonymous, sent in the photo above (taken at approximately 1:40 pm), along with this note:

There was a stabbing on the 3rd floor of 206 west 95th street this afternoon.

The building manger was stabbed and killed by one of the tenants.

More on this as additional details become available.

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