Three Coyotes Spotted on Columbia’s Campus

Monday, February 8th, 2010

columbia-ucoyoteThree coyotes have been spotted on Columbia University’s campus, according to several news sources.  The first sighting, occurring in front of Lewisohn Hall (near the campus entrance at Broadway and 116th), was reported to 911 and Columbia’s authorities yesterday morning.  At least one other sighting came in yesterday, raising concern that the wild animals may pose a threat to students, staff, or visitors.  The three coyotes on Columbia’s campus comes after last week’s spotting of a coyote in Central Park.  While it is unclear whether the two coyote sightings are related, the latest urban coyote news indicates that coyote presence in New York City may be on the rise.  Columbia students are urged to call Columbia Public Safety at 212.854.5555 or Barnard Public Safety at 212.854.3362 if they see a coyote on campus.  If you come across a coyote, remember to keep your distance, keep your dog on leash, and alert the authorities.

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