CVS Confirmed For Broadway Between 77th & 78th

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


UPDATE 7/3/12: Details On $135 Million Residential Construction Project At Broadway & 77th/78th

If you were hoping for yet another chain pharmacy on the Upper West Side, your prayers have been answered! Personally, I would have preferred rapture over the weekend.

Earlier in the month MyUpperWest reported the rumor that a CVS was slated for the now desolate stretch of Broadway, between 77th & 78th (thanks entirely to tipster Stephanie, who got the news from the managers at the now closed Manhattan Diner).

This afternoon, DNAinfo confirmed the unfortunate rumor — CVS plans to open a massive, 10,000+ SF store in the retail area of the condo luxury rental building planned for that block. They’re targeting a 2013 opening.

So… not only are we getting something that the neighborhood could not possibly need less (there’s a 24-hour CVS on 86th & Amsterdam, and 24-hour Duane Reades on 79th & Amsterdam and 72nd & Broadway, to say nothing of the multiple non-CVS/DR pharmacies in the area), but there’s going to be nothing there for more than a year-and-a-half??

I’m more than a little biased, because I pass this block almost every day and was a fan of Manhattan Diner and, yes, I’ll admit it, Cosi (though I had VERY mixed feelings on New Pizza Town). I’m by no means an anti-chain guy, but how many drugstores do we need? Even if they end up closing the CVS on 86th, we’re still fully saturated. They should just go ahead and put a Starbucks IN the CVS while they’re at it.

If Jimmy McMillan were to change his platform to “THERE ARE TOO MANY DAMN CHAIN PHARMACIES!” I might seriously consider voting for him…

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