Dead Body Found In Riverside Park South

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Photo: DNAinfo/Trevor Kapp

The body of an unidentified male thought to be in his 30s was discovered early yesterday morning in Riverside Park South.

DNAinfo reports the man was found in the park, near West 59th, around 6:20 am Friday morning.

Police say it appears the man died of natural causes. They speculate he might have been homeless.

It’s possible the body had been there for some time before being discovered. Per DNAinfo:

A witness said he saw the man in the same spot Thursday morning not moving.

”He was laying out here in a red T-shirt and a hoodie with blue jeans,” said Shon Oliver, 32, noting he’s seen the man there before drinking alcohol and listening to a radio.

“The whole time I thought he was sleeping.”

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