Numerous Upper West Siders Report Hearing Explosion; Single Firework Launch Is Likely Cause

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Photo Credit: @sosimplysophie_

UPDATE 9:05 pm: I got hammered with tweets after the initial “Developing Story” post and had trouble keeping up. Just noticed that MUW reader @sosimplysophie_ sent in the photo above around 8:20 pm with the following note:

“Firetrucks leaving the scene at 76th and CPW, no sense of urgency.”

UPDATE 8:50 pm: I have my scanner going and I’m not hearing any chatter about this or seeing any additional information posted on various 911/NYPD/FDNY twitter feeds. Seems like Jason’s report is accurate.

Oddly enough, it appears as though the firework may have gone off right around the “Happiest Place In Manhattan” spot that I wrote about earlier today.

Coincidence? You be the judge…

Anyway, it appears as though this is much ado about nothing, although I gather there was a significant FDNY response. @TylerHWilliams reports seeing five fire trucks.

UPDATE 8:43 pm: A few more details from @JasonHabor:

“I saw the fireworks burst. I have an open view north and it was v clear what it was. Odd but clear.”

“Didn’t see who set them off. I thought it came from museum of natural history but may have been just to the south.”

UPDATE 8:37 pm: MUW reader @JasonHaber just sent in the following:

“It appeared to be random firework, I saw it from my living room window which provides an open view of west 70′s from CPW to Col”

UPDATE 8:30 pm: MUW reader @SLSoh reports seeing tweets about fire trucks at 76th & Central Park West, although that’s unconfirmed at the moment. Additional readers at 71st & Broadway and 73rd & CPW report hearing an explosion.

POSTED AT 8:24 pm — DEVELOPING STORY: Possible UWS Explosion Around 8 pm Wednesday In West 70s

Seeing several tweets from people about a possible explosion on the Upper West Side sometime around 8:00 pm tonight.

Early reports indicate people heard it around 72nd & Columbus, 75th & Amsterdam, and 74th& Central Park West.

Anyone have any details?

@MyUpperWest or alerts [at]


H/t to @jason_tucker for the initial message

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  • margaret velard

    I heard it (79th between Columbus & Amsterdam) but have heard no sirens at all …