Popular UWS Diner Joins Block of Businesses Forced Out

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Photo source: Leslie Albrecht, DNAinfo

Manhattan Diner, the 24-hour neighborhood eatery on Broadway and 77th, joins several other businesses on the block forced to close in the coming months for an unknown new development.  DNAinfo, who first reported on the massive closures, reports that the diner’s co-owner, Sam Anastasiou, plans to shut the restaurant down in two to six months after property owner Friedland Properties announced they are tearing down his building.  He is still unsure as to whether Manhattan Diner will open in a new location.  Meanwhile, other businesses on the block of Broadway between 77th and 78th are also getting ready to pack up.  Most of the businesses being forced out by Friedland Properties, including Laila Rowe, Cosi, New Pizza Town, Susie’s Nails, and World of Nuts plan to close by the end of spring or earlier. Friedland Properties has not responded to requests for comment, and details on the new development remain unclear.

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