Still Looking for a Fireworks View Tonight?

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Last year's fireworks on the Hudson. Photo source:

The big Macy’s fireworks show is on the west side of Manhattan again this year, launching the fireworks simultaneously from six barges on the Hudson River between 24th and 50th.  The official word is that recommended viewing spots in New York City are located on the northbound lanes of the West Side Highway from 23rd to 59th (the lanes will be closed to traffic).  However, crowds do come out to recommended locations in droves, forcing those looking for a great view to fight the masses (a typical occurrence in this city, no?).  We heard that there may be a way to get a view of the show without as many crowds… stay on the Upper West Side!  Tipsters reported last year that Riverside Park South offers a pretty good vantage point of the fireworks display.  If you want to give it a shot, head west to try to find a spot from 59th to Pier I at 70th in the park.  Let us know where you ended up, along with how the crowds and view were, and we will keep My Upper West readers in the loop about upcoming fireworks shows on the Hudson!  The fireworks will start between 9:15 pm and 9:25 pm tonight and last about 26 minutes.  Read more about alternative viewing locations at

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