Lawsuit Forces Upper West Side Restaurant Graffit To Change Name

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Graffit's Jesus Nunez (L) and Graffiti's Jehangir Mehta (R). Photo: EaterNY

Graffit's Jesus Nunez (L) and Graffiti's Jehangir Mehta (R). Photo: EaterNY

So long Graffit — we hardly knew you.

Due to the lawsuit first mentioned by MUW in February, Chef Jesus Nunez is changing the name of his Upper West Side restaurant to “Gastroarte.” Per EaterNY:

Back in February Jehangir Mehta, the chef and owner of established East Village restaurant “Graffiti,” filed a lawsuit against Nunez for copyright infringement, claiming that the names and the concepts were far too similar and that he was losing business because of it.

Nunez believes the suit is outrageous, but is conceding to avoid costly legal fees. The new name is fitting, his team argues, because the restaurant “still represents his blending of food and art.”

If you’re a fan of Graffit (and it seems like many of you are) or were thinking of visiting it, be aware that it will henceforth be known as Gastroarte. Name-change aside, the food should stay the same, meaning the recent New York Times and NYMag reviews should still apply. The restaurant is located at 141 West 69th.

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