Mazel Tov! Mini-Nubian Goat Welcomes Baby at Central Park Zoo

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

nubian-goats-cp-zooZOO MINI GOATBack in October, we reported that the Central Park Zoo (in the park, near East 64th) welcomed four new additions to their menagerie: mini-Nubian goats.  The goats, a cross between Nigerian dwarf and full-sized Nubian goats, settled into their new digs at the Tisch Children’s Zoo from upstate.  Well now there’s even more floppy-eared cuteness… Angel, one of the four new additions, has welcomed an addition of her own when she gave birth to a mini-Nubian goat kid (pictured at right) on January 12th.  According to the CP Zoo, “he spends his days scampering after his mom, who makes sure he gets milk and warm hay to lie on… [the goats] have playful personalities and calm demeanors that make them a delight among zoo visitors of all ages.”  You can check out the baby mini-Nubian, along with his mother and the three other mini-Nubians, year-round, as the zoo is open daily. [Source:  Central Park Zoo via NY Post]

Baby Mini-Nubian Goat at Central Park Zoo

Open year-round, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm daily, $5-$10

Central Park Zoo, in the park near East 64th

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