MTA Worker Burned At 72nd Street 1/2/3 Station Last Night, Snarling UWS Subway Service For Hours

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Received multiple reports from readers last night about lots of police activity at the 72nd Street 1/2/3 station, resulting in huge delays for people trying to make their way home.

An MTA worker suffered serious electrical burns while working on a signal box, temporarily halting all service between 42nd & 96th Streets and trapping five trains between stations for up to an hour.

ABC and the Daily News have details about the incident, which occurred shortly after 8:00 pm last night. Train service resumed around 9:30, but with significant delays that readers report lasted well past that time.

The worker’s burns were described as “serious, but not life threatening.”

(h/t to @stephiebee)

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  • JohnVanArsdale

    What is it with that station lately? Did it displace an old Native American burial ground?