Obama vs. Romney = UWS vs. UES?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The UWS and UES have long had political stigmas attached to them.

If recent fundraising figured from the campaigns of President Obama and likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney are any indication, those stigmas still hold true — the UWS is blue and the UES is red.

Bloomberg featured an article yesterday breaking down financial contributions from NYC neighborhoods to each campaign. Per Bloomberg:

Three zip codes on the east side of the New York City borough of Manhattan are among the most lucrative locations for Republican challenger Mitt Romney to raise campaign cash. Three zip codes on the west side are ranked as the top areas where President Barack Obama has collected money, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group that tracks campaign donations.

Obama has raised $1.7 million from three zip codes along the Hudson River, 10024, 10023 and 10011; Romney brought in $1.5 million from zip codes 10021, 10128 and 10065 along the East River. The president raised more money in total from New Yorkers than Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, $9.9 million compared with $8.2 million, according to the center.

I think that’s money donated directly to their campaigns, as opposed to “soft money” and PAC donations. The President raised roughly $500,000 during a single reception on West 67th Street last month (10023 zip) and $5 million on the day. That money went to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account that funnels the first $5,000 of an individual’s contribution to the Obama campaign and the remainder, up to $30,800, to the DNC.

The next paragraph of the Bloomberg article features a somewhat random quote from former New York Governor Mario Cuomo (his only reference in the artile), where he states: “There are many more rich individuals on the East Side than on the West Side.”

While that’s been the perception for years, I’m not sure it’s still entirely accurate. I’ll refer you to a post back in November about where the “1% live,” and note that the 10023 zip code — on the UWS — has the “largest number of very rich households” in the United States.

If you follow the source article linked to in that post, you’ll read that of the top four zip codes in the United States in terms of household income, two are on the UWS, one is on the UES, and one is in Potomac, Maryland.

My point? I don’t really have one… except to tell Mario Cuomo that we have plenty of rich folk here on the UWS.

Plus, we also have the most expensive apartment ever sold in New York City.

Suck on that, Upper East Side!

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