Rowdy Tweens Are Terrorizing an UWS Library

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Rebecca Donsky. Photo source: Leslie Albrecht, DNAinfo

DNAinfo reports that an Upper West Side librarian is at the end of her rope with unruly tweens that have become a menace to the library.  Rebecca Donsky, a manager at Bloomingdale Library (100th and Columbus), made a plea at a recent 24th Precinct Community Council meeting for police protection from the wild tweens.  The youngsters, who Donsky estimates to be around 12 years old, come in after school gets out and often act rowdy and noisy.  When asked to behave, or at times, told to leave, the kids in question are rude and disrespectful, calling Donsky names and telling her to “go to hell.”  Two officers were summoned to escort some of the youngsters out of the building in December, and Donsky later called 911 because the same group of kids wouldn’t leave, loitering outside the doors.  Now, she is asking the precinct, which happens to be located across the street from Bloomingdale Library, to be more active in helping control the tweens.  She insists that the unruly behavior of the few “bad apples” is threatening the safety of her library staff.  As a result of Donsky’s request, Deputy Inspector Kathleen O’Reilly, commanding officer of the 24th Precinct, promised to step up police visibility by sending officers to walk through the library when they’re leaving the station house on meal breaks.  In addition, New York Public Library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise said disruptive behavior isn’t acceptable, and the library has worked with its own security team to improve the situation at the Bloomingdale branch recently.  Read the full story at DNAinfo.

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