UPDATE: Big Nick’s Closing Looking More Likely

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

UPDATE 1/29: Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal Offers Help, Nick Says No Thanks For Now

UPDATE 1/22: UWS DISCOUNT: Kids Eat FREE At Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint On Tuesdays

Posted last week (is it possible to “break” a rumor?) that Upper West Side fixture Big Nick’s might be on the verge of closing after 50+ years in the neighborhood.

According to comments posted by owner Nick Imirziades on his Facebook page, it appears that situation is getting more and more likely.

At the heart of the matter is a supposed 50% rent hike on the 1,000 square foot space at 2175 Broadway (between 76th & 77th).

Mr. Imirziades reports he is currently paying $40,000/month and the landlord wants to raise it to $60,000/month.

Here’s an additional FB post here with lots comments from angry/outraged customers.

As mentioned in last week’s initial post, neighboring stores News Inc. and Bra Smyth are also facing closure. The landlord’s plan is to combine the three spaces into one larger unit, as evidenced by this commercial real estate listing, first unearthed for the masses by MUW reader Thomas.

The property is listed as available for possession as of February 1st, although that date may be a soft deadline if the landlord doesn’t already have a new tenant lined up

While nothing is set in stone yet, the closing seems like a forgone conclusion at this point — at least based on a variety of off-the-record conversations I’ve had with various people.

The news of Big Nick’s potential closing has sparked sadness, dismay, anger, and outrage among many in the neighborhood.

What are you thoughts? Feel free to rant and kvetch (or express your joy or ambivalence) in the comments section.

If there’s enough feedback, a post a round-up of reader reactions.

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  • Chuck

    Would Big Nick’s Too close as well? Or is this purely a rent issue for Big Nick’s main location?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonvandinter Jason Van Dinter

    50 Years is as “ideal” of a tenant as you can find….If this is true, I hope the landlord ends up with a string of “lemons” to remind him how good he had it! #greed

  • MyUpperWest

    I believe it’s the latter — haven’t heard anything about the 71st Street location.

  • http://www.zoeycreativedevelopment.com/ Howard Freeman

    Not only is Big Nick’s a UWS staple, one often sees Nick there (how often does a popular restaurant owner stroll through the store?), and the waiters and waitresses are not all actors (mean no disrespect)–they are what another generation would self-deprecatingly call “working stiffs.” This is their job, and they work hard to please the customers. They have fascinating personalities, and most if not all are first-gen immigrants.

    Certainly, one can understand if landlords are under financial pressure, but we don’t read many stories of land owners having it so hard that they’re out on the street. Many of them–anyone can see on the Dept of Bldgs website–live elsewhere and have little investment in the community other than financial. They only want maximum ROI.

  • rovingstorm

    I believe the second location was sold a while ago to different ownership.