UPDATE: Upper West Side RedFarm Is Now Hiring; Targeting Mid-September Open

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

It’s been more than a year since West Village based RedFarm confirmed rumors they were planning an UWS outpost of their popular Chinese/dim sum restaurant at the former Fatty Crab space at 2170 Broadway (76th/77th).

The eagerly anticipated opening was originally slated for “early 2013,” but UWS fans have been forced to wait as the process has dragged on longer than expected.

It now appears as though that wait is almost over — a RedFarm rep has confirmed to me that they’ve started hiring and a “mid September as an official opening is safe to say.”

I’ll have more details when they’re available, but this should be welcome news to neighborhood foodies.

If you’re a server or bartender looking for work, you can send your resume to redfarmhires@gmail.com.

If you want a primer on RedFarm, Pete Wells of the New York Times awarded the restaurant two stars last year. Here’s a snippet:

RedFarm, in the West Village, is a collaboration between one of New York’s greatest Chinese chefs, Joe Ng, and one of its greatest Chinese restaurateurs, Ed Schoenfeld. Only one, Mr. Ng, is Chinese by birth. Mr. Schoenfeld is Chinese by calling, a Brooklyn-born Jew who long ago heard an inner voice urging him to bring better kung pao chicken to the people of Manhattan.

They have several clever ideas at RedFarm. First, the menu has been tailored for a Western palate, with none of the bland and slippery specialties that non-Chinese eaters find so enigmatic. It also seems designed for the age of Yelp, when the entire world can be split into either Nothing Special or OMG. RedFarm’s cooking runs hard toward OMG.

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  • deepthought

    Not much news to report on the UWS for the apst month – what gives?