UPDATE: UWS Subway Death Initially Reported As A Suicide Is Officially Recorded As An Accident

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Photo: DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg

Posted yesterday that one of the two people hit by a subway on the Upper West Side on Wednesday was ruled as a suicide.

That has now been reclassified as “an accident.”

I put up my post around 4:45 pm and then headed out for the evening. Returned home late to discover that NYT reported at 5:37 pm that the medical examiner’s office ruled the death an accident.

DNAinfo updated their report later in the evening.

Seems from the NYT story that there was quite a bit of confusion about this case. The MTA called the death a suicide, claiming that what they were told by police. An NYPD spokesperson told NYT the death was listed as “under investigation” and awaiting an official ruling from the medical examiner.

The sad reality is that apparently the victim, Hector Saint Hilaire, fell on the tracks due to a dizzy spell. Per NYT:

The death of a man who was struck by a subway train on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Wednesday was recorded by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the press as an apparent suicide.

But puzzled colleagues of the man, Hector Saint Hilaire, said he was on his way to work, was chatting with three colleagues and had tumbled onto the tracks after a dizzy spell, perhaps brought on by blood-pressure medication he was taking.

Mr. Saint Hilaire worked as a janitor at Euclid Hall (2345 Broadway). Police listed his age as 62, although NYT says work records indicate he was 63.



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