UWS CELEBRITY REAL ESTATE: Alex Rodriguez Moves Back To Riverside Boulevard

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Posted back in February that Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was reportedly eyeing a $19,000/month 2BR apartment at 15 Central Park West.

Looks like he ended up back on Riverside Boulevard instead.

The Post reported earlier today that Mr. Rodriguez recently rented a unit at The Aldyn (60 Riverside Boulevard).

A-Rod had previously lived at 15 CPW in 2010, when he was renting a $30,000/month 2BR.

The Aldyn is located next door to another one of Rodriguez’s previous UWS homes — The Rushmore (80 Riverside Boulevard).

He purchased a 5BR apartment there in 2011 before flipping it for $6.6 million less than a year later.

From The Post:

[The Aldyn] boasts a world-class gym, the main reason he’s living there. “Alex is spending his days in rehab. He’s at the gym for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, trying to recover as fast as he can so he can return to playing ball for the Yankees,” a source said.

A-Rod also owns a 20,000 square foot mansion in Miami — it was recently on the market for $38 million, but he’s now renting it out for $125,000/month.

I don’t know if it’s the aforementioned gym or not, but The Aldyn is a popular building for NYC athletes — I’ve heard a variety of rumors about various NBA, NFL, and MLB players who live there.

Back in 2011, Knicks star Carmelo Anthony rented a total of FOUR apartment in the Aldyn and nearby Ashley for himself and his entourage.

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  • Jennifer Frazer

    I was curious why you would write Riverside “Boulevard” when maps refer to it as “Drive,” so I looked up the Aldyn’s site (http://thealdyn.com); their website proclaims their location as Riverside “Boulevard.” Back in the day, Broadway was called, simply, “the Boulevard”, while the other north-south streets were referred to as “avenues.” Eventually, the north-south streets on Manhattan’s furthest eastern and western borders were named “drives.”

  • Liz

    I’m curious too!

  • Mickey

    Believe Riverside DRIVE goes as far south as 72nd St. Below 72nd St (not sure where the end is, it keeps changing as they build more towers, think it’s now around 63rd St) it’s called Riverside BOULEVARD.

  • Jennifer Frazer

    Good call, Mickey. Learned something new! Thanks!

  • MyUpperWest

    @google-426184612de2bc051b8f8c4a34a00cd0:disqus @disqus_iXDPusJTyw:disqus @disqus_707msQfQfV:disqus Sorry for the very belated response to this — I haven’t done a good job at keeping up on comments recently.

    Mickey is correct that Riverside Drive goes as far south as W. 72nd. That’s technically where it begins, as 1 Riverside Drive is located there.

    Riverside Boulevard runs from 62nd to 72nd, where it hooks into Riverside Drive. The street is relatively new (I think circa mid- to late-1990s) and was built to serve all the buildings that have been constructed in that area in recent years.

    I believe this stretch of land was previously occupied by rail yards before the current string of highrises went in.

    There is new construction taking place in the area between 59th and 62nd Street and I would not be surprised to see Riverside Boulevard extended down to 59th at some point in the future.