Upper West Side Openings & Closings: Cibo e Vino, Bar 420 Space, Simit + Smith, Emerald Inn

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Wrote last month that the “For Rent” signs at the long-vacant Georgia’s Cafe space had been taken down (2418 Broadway, at 89th).

Now there’s some more information:

A restaurant called Cibo e Vino – cibo is Italian for “food” — is applying for a liquor license at the space.

MUW reader Jay, who e-mailed the original tip in April, sent in this follow-up note yesterday:

An update on the old Georgia’s space at 89th and B’way.  A couple of days ago a liquor license hearing sign went up on the window and the name was “Cibo e Vino”.  Today a lady stopped me saying it was her place and she asked me to sign a petition for the beer and wine license.  I signed and asked her if they had any other locations in the city and she said they had a place in the West Village on W 4th that they closed when they got this lease.  She had an accent but from what I could tell from what she said, I think it was I Tre Merli Bistro, which my wife and sister-in-law loved.  And it did recently close. If that’s the case, it’s pretty exciting.

A little Googling reveals that the person behind Bukefal LLC (applying for the liquor license) is Marjanne Motamedi. According to itremerlibistrony.com, that restaurant is now closed and Ms. Motamedi was indeed a co-owner there.

[NOTE: Jay reports being told the restaurant was on W. 4th, but I Tre Merli's address was 183 W. 10th. In fact, both are correct. It's a weird West Village quirk, but W. 10th actually intersects W. 4th...]

I Tre Merli Bistro was open for 10 years and earned a respectable 3 1/2 star rating on Yelp before closing, so Cibo e Vino has a decent pedigree.

The restaurant’s application is being reviewed at tomorrow night’s CB7 Business & Consumer Issues Committee meeting, but I have no reason to believe it won’t be approved.

Thanks also to MUW readers Thomas, Felicity, @legalsteve, and Chris — that’s Thomas’ photo up top.

And speaking of “For Rent” signs being taken down…

MUW reader Elana notes that similar signage at the long-vacant 420 Bar space (420 Amsterdam, at 80th) was recently removed. However, there appears to have been a snafu with the deal.

An owner of a neighboring business told me that a frozen yogurt store was supposed to move in but discovered there was asbestos at the space and the plans have been scuttled.

I can’t confirm this 100%, but my source has been pretty reliable in the past.

Assuming it’s true, the Upper West Side may have narrowly missed out on a full-blown froyo war — a Pinkberry is already slated to open about 75 feet away at 414 Amsterdam.


Mentioned a few weeks ago that Simit + Smith was temporarily closed by the DOH for operating without a permit.

As I wrote at the time, operating without a permit is a clerical issue that has nothing to do with with the DOH’s letter grades.

Simit + Smith’s VP of Marketing recently sent in a note saying the same thing:

“I wanted to update you and your readers about the Simit + Smith closure situation. It was a matter of paperwork, not a reflection on our grading status. In fact we were back open within short order, and have since been awarded an ‘A’ grade.”

Lastly, a quick update on the historic Emerald Inn:

Wrote back in February that the bar lost its lease at 205 Columbus after 70 years at that location (to make room for a Kate Spade store).

Word came in April that Emerald Inn is relocating to 250 W. 72nd (most recently home to The Purple Fig and (briefly) P.D. O’Hurley’s.

As evidenced by the photo below, they’re making headway at the new space. I’m hearing June 1st as the targeted opening date.

That bench out front seems to have been relocated from the original Columbus Avenue location.

H/t to MUW readers Amy, Chris, Noah, and Priscilla.

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  • Andrea

    Nice update, thanks! What is up with all the fro-yo places opening on the UWS?!

  • MyUpperWest

    Upper West Siders love them some froyo.