Upper West Side Openings & Closings: Dig Inn Seasonal Market, Samad’s Gourmet, The Heights

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

It’s been nearly a year since Card-o-Mat closed shop at 2884 Broadway (between 111th & 112th) and new tenants are getting ready to move in.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market is opening their seventh New York City location at the space.

The mini-chain offers up a plethora of healthy food options, which mottoes like “We’re here to make eating well ridiculously easy: Everything here is good for you” and “At Dig Inn, we focus on what real food has to offer – taste, nutrients, seasonality, and vitality.”

A full menu is available at their website.

Dig Inn has been around since 2011, before which is was known as The Pump Energy Food, which first opened in 1997. You can read a little about the transition here.

No word on an exact opening date, although they posted a photo on Facebook earlier today of the interior construction. The place is pretty much being gutted, so I expect it to be a little while before they open for business.

UPDATE: Looks like they’re aiming to open in February

Should be a nice addition to the neighborhood, as I think that area is a little lacking in terms of healthy food options.

Thanks to MUW reader Josh for the photo/tip.


Posted on Saturday about the five-alarm fire at the Citibank located at Broadway & 111th.

As mentioned then, the fire not only destroyed the bank, but also damaged the neighboring building, which is home to both Samad’s Gourmet and The Heights Bar & Grill.

There was speculation that both would need to temporarily close as a result, and it looks like that’s the case.

No word yet on when either will reopen, but The Heights has this message posted on their website:

To our loyal and would be loyal customers, The Heights Bar & Grill will be temporarily closed due to a fire next door at Citibank. We will open as soon as possible.

Special thanks to the FDNY and NYPD and all city agencies for the prompt response and continued support. We also want to thank our neighbors for all the support and well wishes.

We’ll be back soon with a better burrito!

Hopefully that’s the case, as this would be a terrible way for a business to go under.

Unfortunately, it does happen — a fire at UWS Georgia’s Cafe & Bakery back in 2011 ended up being their death knell, despite initial plans to reopen.

In that instance, the fire started in Georgia’s itself and presumably did much more damage than Saturday’s, which was centered in the neighboring building.

We’ll see.

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  • cc

    Just spoke to the owners of Samad’s Gourmet yesterday afternoon. The interior really looks okay and they are expecting to re-open very soon (in a few days, as opposed to “in a few weeks” which was reported by PIX 11).

  • Don Giller

    I spoke with a Citibank corporate guy outside the burned out building this late afternoon. He told me:

    - they’ll rebuild the bank where it is. (rumors that it’ll be replaced with a low-or high-rise are bunk)

    - in the meantime, they’re setting up a temporary indoor facility up the block. And they’ll be placing portable ATMs on the street for customer use, 24/7

    - they checked the empty safe-deposit boxes and found no fire, water, or smoke damage inside. They’ve since removed all of the boxes (they were on a truck outside)

    - the electrical fire started in the basement ceiling, above the sprinkler-system and not visible by security cameras. It was only when the fire burst out of that area when the alarms were triggered. I mentioned the renovation that the bank had gone through over the past year and asked if there were suspicions that some idiot electrical contractor screwed up. He told me they’re looking into that, too.

    - the missing cat was found, unhurt

  • MyUpperWest

    Hey Don — thanks for the great report! I just posted an update about it:


  • MyUpperWest

    Thanks for the tip, CC. I spoke to someone at Samad’s a little while ago and it looks like they’re planning to reopen tomorrow (Friday):


  • Don Giller

    My pleasure! I wish I had a name to go with the corporate guy so you could acknowledge him as the source.