Upper West Side Openings, Closings, & Rumors: Bar Luna, Slightly Oliver, Davidovich Bagels, & 420 Bar

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


It probably wasn’t a great sign for Bar Luna when they recently put a notice up saying they’d no longer be serving brunch. MUW read Johnny Scats (hands-down the best named tipster in the biz) e-mailed to say they officially closed yesterday.

There wasn’t a long wait to find out what’s moving in — the windows were already plastered last night with signs proclaiming “Slightly Oliver” will be taking Bar Luna’s place at 511 Amsterdam (between 84th & 85th).

slightlyoliverbigThe turnaround from “closed” to “coming soon” happened so fast that I wonder if perhaps it’s the same owners simply re-imagining the place. The signs in the windows tout Slightly Oliver as being a “cocktails, food, and wine” establishment, so the spirit of the new place won’t be so different from the one it’s replacing. More to come…

The big opening rumor today is that a new bagel place may be moving into the old H & H Bagels space at 2239 Broadway, corner of 80th (h/t to @TovahGo).

DNAinfo reports that Davidovich Bagels wants to open a flagship store on the Upper West Side and has its eyes on former H &H home, partly because of its “historic” value.

Davidovich, in business since 1998, is primarily a wholesaler — they provide bagels to Whole Food and UWS grocery Barzini, among others.

2239 Broadway landlord Friedland Properties is asking $950,000/year in rent for the 4,100 sf space (2,100 at street-level + a 2,000 sf basement) — that’s a crapload of bagels. H & H had financial problems that weren’t entirely related to their rent, but it’s worth noting that they couldn’t make the math work and I’m pretty sure they were playing less than what Friedland is currently asking.

You can read full MyUpperWest H&H coverage here.

Finally, if you missed the post this morning, 420 Bar was closed by the Health Department and seized by city marshals.

420 Bar has closed before, only to reopen again, but this looks pretty permanent.

Based on the e-mails I’ve received throughout the day, people who live nearby are flat-out ecstatic that it has been shut down.


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