Upper West Side Photos Of The Day: 80th Street H & H Bagels Officially Dead (And Seized By City Marshall)

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


After pushing back for a few days, it’s finally official — H & H is no more. The corner spot on 80th & Broadway now looks like any other empty storefront in the neighborhood, with a big “Store For Rent” sign on it.

The two white signs on each door say “Zabar’s Sells H & H Bagels.” The yellowish post on the left-hand door is a notice from the City Marshall saying the landlord has legal possession of the premises pursuant to warrant of civil court. That’s what happens when you owe close to $350K in back rent — you don’t just close, you get seized.

H & H says they’re looking for a new spot in the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t hold my breath given all the financial problems they have. They might manage to work something out, but in the interim, I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails and tweets saying that Absolute Bagels (2788 Broadway, between 107th & 108th) is actually better than H & H.

If you’re looking for some other alternatives, GrubStreet has some options for you. But if you you think the H & H on 46th Street is far away, you’re definitely not going to want to schlep out to Coney Island.

Thanks to MUW reader Melissa for pointing out that the store officially closed earlier today.

(Click here for full MyUpperWest H & H Bagels coverage)



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