Upper West Siders On West 84th “Terrorized By Swarms Of Underground Insects”

Friday, November 4th, 2011
Photo: CBS 2

Photo: CBS 2

Well this is slightly off-putting… Apparently West 84th Street, between Riverside & West End, has been hit by some sort of “insect invasion” that is making life miserable for residents.

A rare mosquito that lives in the sewers and comes up from the ground is “extra bloody-thirsty” and biting residents with unbridled vengence, leaving them “slapping, scratching and suffering.” (video after the jump).

CBS 2 has the full story on the infestation.

Bug expert Professor Dina Fonseca told CBS: “This mosquito is well known for being in sewers in New York… they thrive year-round and feast on humans at night.”

Additional details per CBS:

Frustrated neighbors said after numerous complaints to the city and no concrete action, they feel abandoned. So like busy bees, they’re taking matters in to their own hands: covering cracks, vents and drains, both inside and out.

“Every vent is covered with mesh. It helps. It cuts it by 50 percent,” resident Pauline Galiana said.

In bedrooms on the block you see mosquito netting over the beds. Residents [say] it is the only way to get an uninterrupted pain-free night of sleep.

MyUpperWest world headquarters is only three blocks away from all of this, so I’m obviously elated to read the details… TGIF.

Here’s the video report from CBS 2:

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