UWS CRASH UPDATE: 4-Year-Old Victim Identified As Ariel Russo

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

4-year-old Ariel Russo (Photo: Russo Family, via DNAinfo)

DNAinfo has identified the 4-year-old victim of this morning’s Upper West Side crash as Ariel Russo.

Per DNA:

Upper West Side neighbors of the grandmother described her and little Ariel as inseparable, taking frequent walks with one another.

“The family went everywhere together. They were always together,” said Shirley Williams, the tenants association president of the grandmother’s building.

Williams described Ariel as having long, flowing hair and a gregarious personality.

I always feel uncomfortable reporting details like this, as it seems like an invasion of privacy. However, it’s now out there — apparently with the approval of the family — and I thought anyone who may know the Russos would like to send their condolences.

Also, this beautiful little girl deserves to be remembered as more than a nameless, faceless NYPD statistic.

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  • Jordyn Ashley

    so, so horrible. a beautiful angel got her wings today <3 I hope that boy in the SVU rots in jail and/or hell.

    I'm having a hard time understanding why the NYPD would initiate a high speed chase through UWS?? just plain stupid.

  • David

    Jordyn – I agree. But sometimes, it’s necessary. I was on 93rd & Amsterdam a few minutes after the accident – we didn’t know what was going on, but our “crossing guard” was off having a conversation with someone. She was doing nothing to help us cross the street to get to our school (MSC), even though it was obvious something was going on just a few blocks away and traffic was backed up. This was a horrible tragedy and I feel tremendous pain for the family and friends of this beautiful little girl

  • Armando Guzman

    Jordyn your unbelievable I bet if the police where chasing down a person who hurt one of you family members I can bet my life on it you would want them too, liberal ignorance is unbelievable !!!

  • sonnos

    ugh armando shut up fool