UWS FIRE UPDATE: Apple Store Reopened But Ollie’s Closed Indefinitely + Additional Photos

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

A bird's eye view of smoke from this morning's fire billowing out of the back of 1991 Broadway. For perspective, that's the roof of the Apple Store in the foreground (Photo: TammyAlexandra/Flickr -- click for full-size)

UPDATE 1/8: Ollie’s is permanently closed

UPDATE 1/4: UWS Photo Of The Day: Eerie Smoke-Filled Skyline During Thursday Morning’s Upper West Side Fire

A little more information and some additional photos from this morning’s fire at 1991 Broadway (between 67th & 68th):

It’s now confirmed that the fire started in Ollie’s Noodle Shop, which has been closed indefinitely.

The neighboring Apple Store, which was evacuated in the wake of the fire, reopened around 2:00 pm.

DNAinfo has some details on the fire, which started around 9:45 am and was under control by roughly 10:30 am.

There are no reports of injuries and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

MUW reader Tammy lives in a neighboring building and was able to get some aerial photos (above and below). She also sent in this note:

The part I could see behind the building burnt itself out by 10:30, though the firefighters were still hard at work downstairs at that point.  Though lots of firefighters went inside the building with axes and deployed hoses inside and ascended up ladders, &c., I never saw any people or hoses out back, and I still haven’t.  It looks pretty sooty back there now, but not necessarily damaged.

There were lots of cranky people on the street pissed about missing their Genius Bar appointments, including one woman carrying her large iMac who really did believe that despite the street being shut down and firefighters working all around her, *she* would get inside the store.

You’ve gotta love New Yorkers…

The DNAinfo story is missing some key details, but between it and Tammy’s note, I think the actual fire may have been contained inside the main part of the restaurant and the smoke billowing out in the photo above was being evacuated via Ollie’s duct system.

As you can see from Tammy’s photos below and the tweets compiled by 9to5mac.com (link in this morning’s post), there was a massive amount of smoke in the area.

Interestingly, Tammy reports hearing rumors that Ollie’s was slated to close anyway, although I have no confirmation on that.

Row 1: People lined up around the Apple Store, plus smoke swirling around the buildings between 67th/68th & Broadway/Amsterdam

Row 2: The smoke eventually got so thick it completely blocked out the view

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