UWS Is Home To The Unofficial “Happiest Place In Manhattan”

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Source: onehappybird.com

Here’s a nice little confirmation about the neighborhood to start off the new year:

The Upper West Side is (unofficially) home to the happiest place in Manhattan.

This revelation comes from onehappybird.com, via Inside The Apple, via Gothamist, via MUW reader @WhyHoffman.

From Inside The Apple:

“The gist of [onehappybird's] admittedly non-scientific inquiry was to use a list of words that had previously been ranked as indicators of happiness and connect them to geotagged Twitter posts throughout the city.”

And the results, from onehappybird:

“The happiest “corner” is actually just inside the western edge of Central Park, where the intersection of 7th and 77th would be (this is just north of the lake and east of the Hayden Planetarium). This corner elicits tweets with a relatively high abundance of the positive words “loves” and “sky”, and proportionally less negative words like “not”, “fear” and “no”. Many of the happiest locations actually fall within Central Park!”

Personally, I like the succinctness of Gothamist’s headline: “Non-Scientific Study Shows The Happiest Place In Manhattan Is The UWS.”

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