UWS Openings: The Purple Fig, Kosher Burger Bar, Center Bar

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Had a slew of posts last month about the ongoing saga (Are they open? Are they closed?) at The Purple Fig (250 W. 72nd).

If you lost track of things, they reopened in late-September with a new menu. Apparently they also have new management (thanks to @ManhattanMingle for the photo).

If you’re curious about the menu changes, you can see old (left) and new (right) below (click for full-size)

As you can see, prices for the entrees have dropped quite a bit, now ranging from $14 – $26 rather than the previous range of $24 – $37.

Appetizers are mostly in the same price range and sides have gone up by $1.

The old menu was pulled from Purple Fig’s website — it’s still there as of today. Thanks to MUW reader @keithmarder for snapping a photo of the new one in their window.

Keith adds that he heard it’s just management that has changed — same owners.

Anyone been since the change?

Posted on Monday that popular kosher restaurant Mike’s Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen closed and is reopening as a burger bar (654 Amsterdam, at 92nd).

DNAinfo has an article detailing the plans on the new space — the owners are hoping to open by November 1:

The restaurant will have tables with 45 seats, and down the line, an outdoor cafe as well as delivery.  They also applied for a liquor license.

But there will be more on offer than just burgers, Chef Michael Gershkovich said, including buffalo wings and chicken and tuna burgers.

“Getting wings and a beer in kosher dining is so so impossible,” he said, until now.

Sounds like it’ll be a great addition for those with dietary restrictions. I’m curious to see how it does with the non-kosher crowd.

Finally, mentioned last night that Michael Lomanco’s new wine bar at the Time Warner Center — called Center Bar — was rumored to be opening today.

I just got off the phone with them and can confirm today was indeed their grand opening.

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  • upperwestsider

    3-stars … Worth giving a try!
    A bistro that’s an interesting mix of French/Morrocan, Mediterranean influences with a smattering of E.Coast seafood options, plus a steak & a burger (probably to keep the former “All-Star Cafe” patrons happy). Not sure it’s found it culinary footing, yet, but the late-night meal i had with a few friends (Chicken Cous Cous, French Onion Soups & a plate of “hand cut fries”) satisfied our post-concert nosh needs. We were even given a complimentary appetizer of hummus with pita bread sections!

    The chicken was cooked to perfection (fully-cooked & moist) in a tagine-like preparation, in a meal-sized portion (unlike it’s earlier iteration’s “haute cuisine”-size portions). Interestingly, a couple dishes that are listed as “tagines” do NOT come with cous cous (you have to order it as a separate side dish). The French onion soups were small-ish, but filling. We all shared the large, plate of “hand-cut” fries (closer to julienned, rather than steak fries), that were crunchy & complemented the soups. Since we arrived near closing, the restaurant was very quiet. A large, flat-screen TV (near the entrance, where we sat) had a sports game on display; thankfully the volume was muted out!

    There are some other intriguing menu choices that i would be willing to return to sample!

    NOTE: The newly REVISED menu (Oct 2012) is much simpler than the one posted on the restaurant’s website.