UWS Openings & Closings: RedFarm, Fatty Crab, Thai Season, Nordstrom

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

UPDATE 12/3: A rep from RedFarm told me they expect to open “sometime in early 2013.”

Rumors have been swirling for months that RedFarm, the incredibly popular West Village Chinese/dim sum restaurant, was looking to expand to the Upper West Side.

Esteemed restaurant critic (and Upper West Sider) Gael Greene first mentioned the possibility back in December, and then again in April.

As of today, it’s a rumor no more — RedFarm is coming to 2170 Broadway (between 76th & 77th). That space is currently home to Fatty Crab, which will close by the fall.

RedFarm had recently applied for a liquor license for “2170-2178 Broadway,” but the lack of a specific address made it hard to discern where it would actually open. Yesterday, the New York Times confirmed it was the Fatty Crab space at 2170 (2178 is next door, and home to the recently opened Serafina).

News of the RedFarm location was a bit surprising at first, given that it broke before anyone at Fatty Crab announced they were closing.

Earlier today, Fatty Crab finally released a statement about it. From Grub Street:

Fatty Crab is only moving because its sublease expired — the restaurant is around until fall (which gives some clue on RedFarm II’s timing), and is “currently seeking a new home on the Upper West Side.”

No word yet on where in the neighborhood Fatty Crab may end up or what their exact closing date is. They’ve been at their current location since March 2009.

UPDATE 9/3: Fatty Crab closes; RedFarm hopes to open before year-end

As for RedFarm, it should be quite the addition to the Upper West Side restaurant scene. I’ve never been to the West Village location, but I know people who have and they rave about it.

If you want a primer on RedFarm, Pete Wells of the New York Times recently awarded the restaurant two stars. A snippet:

RedFarm, in the West Village, is a collaboration between one of New York’s greatest Chinese chefs, Joe Ng, and one of its greatest Chinese restaurateurs, Ed Schoenfeld. Only one, Mr. Ng, is Chinese by birth. Mr. Schoenfeld is Chinese by calling, a Brooklyn-born Jew who long ago heard an inner voice urging him to bring better kung pao chicken to the people of Manhattan.

They have several clever ideas at RedFarm. First, the menu has been tailored for a Western palate, with none of the bland and slippery specialties that non-Chinese eaters find so enigmatic. It also seems designed for the age of Yelp, when the entire world can be split into either Nothing Special or OMG. RedFarm’s cooking runs hard toward OMG.

More to come as additional details emerge. (H/t to Sari & Angela)


If you like to plan out your shopping ahead of time, Nordstrom recently announced they’re opening up a flagship store near Columbus Circle… in 2018.

Yes, 2018. As in, six years from now.

The store is slated to occupy seven floors and 285,000 square feet at 225 W. 57th, as per the details from DNAinfo.

To be honest, that’s not really the Upper West Side. However, most of the articles I read about it refer to it as being part of Columbus Circle, which is most definitely the start of the UWS.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nordstrom play up the Columbus Circle/UWS branding when it opens, but since that won’t be for more than half-a-decade, I reserve the right to come back and explore this at a later date. For now, consider this an FYI.

If you missed the post earlier, Thai Season is the latest neighborhood restaurant to be closed by the health department. I expect they’re reopen later this week.

Finally, a reminder that today is Day 3 of the MTA’s FASTRACK maintenance work on the A/C (and E) lines. There are station closures and service changes from 10:00 pm – 5:00 am every night this week until Friday morning.

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    The Smith and Red Farm! Now if only Fat Radish and Miss Lily both came to the UWS, there would be no need to go downtown;)

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