UWS Openings & Closings: Grill 212, Machiavelli, Zen Palate, Corvo Bianco

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Posted all the way back in February that a kosher/Middle-Eastern restaurant called Grill 212 was opening at 212 W. 80th (between Broadway & Amsterdam).

It took a little longer than expected, but they finally opened for business last Thursday.

Koshertopia has some info:

The new UWS take-out restaurant will offer a full range of delicious Shabbat take out options including an on-site pareve bakery that will sell desserts, challot and other baked goods. The location has limited seating for dine in options and is under the supervision of Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein.

Full details and menus are available at Grill212.com, as well as the restaurant’s Facebook page.

H/t to MUW readers Elias, Iris, and Elana (that’s her photo above). Iris sent in this note on Friday:

I stopped in after the kitchen had already closed (it’s kosher, so they close early on Friday), but it looked nice and the couple (or so I assumed) who own/run it seem very friendly and pleasant.  They have a seating area hidden in the back with about 6-8 (??) tables -  not at all apparent that it’s there unless you look.


If you missed the post earlier, UWS restaurant Machiavelli was recently shuttered by the department of health.

In long overdue closing news, Asian vegetarian/vegan restaurant Zen Palate closed their Upper West Side branch earlier this month (they have three other locations that are still open).

The restaurant had opened at 239 W. 105th (corner of Broadway) back in January 2011, but had only managed a less-than-stellar 2 1/2 stars on Yelp.

Very belated thanks to MUW readers Iris, Sheridan, and Stephen for the heads up.

Finally… Mentioned back in early July that an Italian restaurant called Corvo Bianco is slated to takeover the old Called Ocho space at 446 Columbus (81st/82nd).

TimeOut recently had a post with some additional details:

Michelin-starred chef Andrea Cobbe, formerly of Italy’s La Subida, will make his stateside debut with this 190-seat trattoria in the former Calle Ocho space. The menu will showcase eclectic dishes, like scallops with lavender butter and lima beans; house-made black ravioli with shrimp au jus; and pork tenderloin with a passion-fruit sauce.

Sounds promising.

Last I heard the restaurant had hoped to open sometime this summer, but TimeOut reports they’re now aiming for “late September.”

UPDATE 5/28/13: Chef Cobbe out; Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner to run Corvo Biano kitchen

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